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Introducing Integrated PayNow QR Into Our Invoices!

Having trouble keeping track of your customers' payments? Are their bank transfers unlabelled and difficult to process? With our new PayNow QR Code implementation, make confusing bank transfers a thing of the past.

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Upgrading With The Times To Improve Productivity

The General Insurance Module of the Success Auto Suites from tech solutions provider, Success IT, has helped OCW digitise a large volume of its customers’ policies. This has enabled the company to quickly access policy details and promptly respond to the many requests it receives daily.

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Transforming An Old Business Into A Modern One

To shift into new gears of growth, the 35-year-old placed equal emphasis on digitalising and modernising the company’s archaic work processes. In addition, the diversified business portfolio of the revamped Ricardo Group is linked by a common IT system which allows its employees to cross-sell relevant services to customers.

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