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With more than 15 years experience in building software, we know what works best for our clients. As digitalization is rapidly transforming business landscape, it is well established that the first step for any organization going digital is to embrace cloud. Success IT is the front runner to help our clients in various industries adopt cloud and workflow digitalization.



Our Quotation System and General Insurance is an all-in-one solution for insurance agents, brokers and providers. Together they form a suite of fully compliant SaaS solution for insurance distribution.

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Our Products

We have built up domain expertise over the last 15 years to deliver on solutions fit for different industries.
Our products are software products uniquely tailored to the needs of our customers.


Our Quotation and General Insurance Application are offered to insurance agencies and brokerages as a companion app to digitize and transform their operational workflow

Auto Suites

A comprehensive suite of modules including car rental, new/used cars for car importers, distributors, or dealers, hire purchase, floor stock, spare parts, workshop, and accident claims

Wholesale ERP System

Our ERP system is used across a wide range of businesses, and the core modules include: Inventory Management, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order and Receiving, and Accounting

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From business owners, to Insurance brokers and agencies, we are able to give you a solution that can evolve your business.

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