Enterprise Resource Planning
Wholesales System

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Advantages And Features

Multiple warehouse locations with bins
Supports multiple units of measurements
Multiple pricing levels per inventory item, including promotions or bulk purchases
Calculate selling price based on markup from cost price
Cross Reference Lookups By Supplier Product no.
Set alternate product item when main items are out of stock
Bill of Materials processing with unlimited inventory kitting and auto computation of costs
Fixed Asset Management
Full integration with barcode software to generate barcode for inventory items
Display on hand quantity, past selling prices and purchase history of items

Auto-apply given payment to oldest invoice for a customer or supplier
Update general ledger with journal vouchers & cash books
Fixed Asset Management
Bank reconciliation report in foreign and base currency
IRAS Registered accounting module
Generate tax report for GST submission
Trial Balance, Profit and Loss, Balance Sheet
Reports can be exported to different formats including Excel, PDF & Text
Produce monthly, quarterly and date-range financial statements
Standard forms can be formatted with different layouts
More than 100 reports for power drill down and analysis

Generate End-to-end documents for sale of goods
Quotation and PO can be sent via email in PDF Format or faxed
Save multiple delivery addresses and contact details per customer
Credit control management based on credit limits and/or credit terms
Inquiry module for all historical sales and purchase order details
Use pre-defined selling prices based on individual customers or last selling prices
Edit DO and Invoices without changing the original document serial number
Batch Processing from Sales Order to Invoices
Triangle process for Inter-companies transactions from PO to invoices

Create invoices from Sales Order or Delivery Orders
Process blanket order for recurring purchases
Track orders, invoices, shipments and deliveries
Update goods received quantity & quantity on hand
Mass update supplier price list
Default purchase price based on supplier price list or last selling for the supplier
Provide landed cost features for computation of all costs associated with receiving of goods
Display historical purchase prices from all suppliers of selected products
Combine multiple orders to single note
Compare supplier prices from different suppliers of the same product
Compute Forex gains or loss

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